SALT Live Art Micro Residencies

Three Micro Residencies are being offered to Edinburgh based black artists (or those with lived experience of black identity) to create new live arts work for the 2022 Art Walk Porty event at Edinburgh’s coastline (Portobello).

As part of our Curator’s Residency working with artist Natasha Thembiso Ruwona we seek three artists to work with, creating live art work around Black geographies, histories and ecologies in response to the climate emergency, to form part of our SALT programme being showcased at this year’s Art Walk Porty (4-11 September 2022).

The micro residencies will engage with the climate emergency from a perspective of Black identity and history through an ecological perspective, considering Black communities post COP26, connecting to Edinburgh’s waters and coastline area. Black ecology refers to the relationship between Black people and their environments, considering the landscape and ecosystems that co-exist.

They will form part of the 2022 SALT programme being produced by Art Walk Porty this year, creating an ambitious programme of art/science collaborations that bring attention to sea water salinity, coastal erosion, ecosystems and plant ecologies.

This project is open to Edinburgh artists with lived experience of Black identity (including those of mixed heritage) due to the project themes and aims. We are interested to hear from artists whose practice is based around areas of performance, dance, spoken word, audio, participatory arts with events held during the weekends of 3/4 and/or 10/11 September, hosted in outdoor spaces of Portobello Promenade and/or Beach. (Please note a separate call for existing film is also currently available).

Natasha Thembiso Ruwona is a Scottish-Zimbabwean artist, researcher and arts programmer. Natasha’s practice is research based and investigates racialised spatialisation in line with Black Feminist Geographies; the recognition of spaces and places in relation to Black identities. They position Afrofuturist thought and worlding as a method to both navigate the past, and reimagine ways of living and thinking together. Natasha’s interest in water began in 2019 when they read Black Geographies and The Politics of Place by Katherine McKittrick and Clyde Woods. Of particular interest was the mythology of Drexciya, which introduced them to Afrofuturism and water as an archive. This led them to make work exploring the role of Scotland in shaping The Black Atlantic, considering Scotland’s invovlement in the Transatlantic slave trade and colonisation through its links to the Atlantic Ocean. They are also interested in Astrida Neimanis’ concept of Hydrofeminism, which traces human kinship with water -
we are all bodies of water”.

Selected artists will receive close mentoring and guidance to develop their project working with Natasha along with Art Walk’s curator, Rosy Naylor, and other members of the Art Walk team. They will also feature in our printed programme, website and social media platforms promoting the event.

Outline proposals should be sent to by 10th June with the subject heading of ‘Live Art Commissions’ (no more than 4 pages in length, sent as one pdf). Audio or video recordings are also welcome (no more than 5 minutes). Applications should detail:

-a coherent & clear plan for the proposed live art work including materials draft budget, and detailing how it relates to the SALT Black ecologies programme
-a brief cv/artist statement
-details of proposed location for the citing of work, and reasons for choice (all coastal locations between Seafield, via Portobello, to Musselburgh will be considered) – though if you are unclear about the precise location at this time this can be discussed at a later date
-3-6 images of recent work should also be emailed along with the proposal pdf, along with website/social media links.

Three micro residencies will be offered, each receiving an artist fee of £1200, and a materials budget of no more than £200.

The residencies are supported by funding from City of Edinburgh Council’s Diversity & Inclusion Fund, and Creative Scotland.

All applicants will be informed about outcomes by 17th June 2022, with final details for selected artists required to be finalised by 30th June 2022.

DEADLINE for submissions: 10TH JUNE 2022, 11PM