2021 projects


Following on from Iman Tajik's durational performance 'Where the Body Meets the Land' on Portobello Beach as part of our 2020 'All At Sea' programme, Iman has recently returned to Portobello to commence his longer residency with a series of works planned for September 2021 'Art Walk Porty'.

Iman's own experience of crossing geographical borders fuels much of his practice, with a strong desire to activate debate around the impacts of barriers and boundaries, including those also socially constructed. This new series of work from Tajik will respond to the locality of Portobello with a series of interventions, conversations and events.

Read 'in conversation'
with Iman Tajik & Art Walk curator, Rosy Naylor

Iman Tajik is an Iranian artist based in Glasgow. Tajik’s work is anchored in a strong social interest connected to international movements for social change. Tajik’s work addresses issues of contemporary conditions of life with a particular focus on migration and globalisation – thereby bridging the gap between art and activism, to create work as a form of socio-political currency, addressing power structures. He works across video, photography, installations and performance through which he ’performs the border’ and that speak to personal experiences of crossing geographical borders. All insist on the right to freedom of movement. imantajik.com