'FOOTPRINT' is a walking and cycling map + guide planned for East Edinburgh (Portobello, Leith) & Musselburgh  with artist-led routes that intersect the urban with nature through the familiar and unfamiliar, encouraging everyday physical activity as a way to improve well being.

Following on from our recent mapping sessions with the public, we have now commissioned five artists - Chris Dooks, Alec Finlay, Deirdre Macleod, Holger Mohaupt, and Suzie Parry - who will be leading a number of events over the summer and during AWP19.

A map + guide will then be produced by December 2019 that presents around 6 routes for cycling and walking, and highlighting relevant sites that local communities have mapped within each of their neighbourhoods.



Suzanne Parry: 'In my shoes'
Walking workshop Sunday 4th August 10am
& Sound Walk Mon 9th Sept 6-8pm

When we walk from A to B, the places and people in between are so often left a mystery, an irrelevance, an obstacle. This circular walk setting off from Portobello sea front invites participants to experience their environment through a series of intimate sound portraits. Waypoints are marked with QR codes to scan; a chance to pause for short sonic interludes that shine a light on a precise location. Mobile phones and headphones required. Allow 2 hours. Some uneven terrain.

The walk starts from the bottom of Kings Road, outside Portobello Beach Bistro. Please come along with a mobile phone. Allow 2 - 3 hours (including stoppage time and refreshments). Some uneven terrain.

Visit the project website for full details and to listen the walk

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Chris Dooks: 'Autopaths'
Cycle: Sun 15th Sept 11am
(please note a change of date for this cycle ride,
no longer on Sat 7th Sept)
& Workshop: Sun 15th Sept 2pm

Autopaths fuses routes with the route-designer’s life story, enabling participants to walk (or cycle) in their shoes. Beginning at the East Parkside entrance of The Innocent Railway, this is part accessible cycle route, and part demonstration of Chris Dooks’ Autopath methodology. A week later there will be an opportunity to design your own Autopath with Chris and author Eleanor Thom.

Cycle: Meet at entrance to East Parkside, Innocent railway
Workshop: takes place at Bellfield

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Alec Finlay: 'The Minor Walk Manifesto'
Walk + Talk: Friday 13th September, 5.30-7.30pm
includes visit to his Travelling Gallery exhibition 'Day of Access',
local walk, and in-conversation with Claudia Zeiske, Deveron Projects at Portobello Bookshop

Alec Finlay has composed a manifesto that defines and promotes the minor walk – the kind of very short walk practiced by people with constrained walking or disability - featured in our Art Newspaper as a centre-page pull out.

The Promenade in Portobello is frequently used by people enjoying minor walks. The text blends playful, poetic and imaginative assertions with sketches of local minor walks. The manifesto considers how the minor walk might differ from a standard walk, and what we can learn from it. Extracts from the manifesto will be included in Finlay’s Travelling Gallery exhibition, Day of Access, which will also feature in the festival.

5.30pm Meet at the Travelling Gallery (outside Portobello Town Hall)
The 'Day of Access' exhibition is at the Travelling Gallery - Open:
Fri 13th 1-7pm & Sat 14th Sept 11am-5pm

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Deidre Macleod: 'Cul de sac'
Walk 1: (Gilberstoun) Sun 8th Sept, 4pm
Walk 2: (Newcraighall) Sun 29th Sept, 2pm
Walk 3: (Musselburgh) Sun 20th October, 2pm

Three Sunday strolls around the suburbs, of Gilberstoun, Newcraighall and Musselburgh. These suburban walks will explore and appreciate the particular character of the different residential estates and the changing edges of the city. Come and see just how far we can walk within these small parts of the city. Each walk lasts around 90 minutes. Local residents from each housing estate are particularly invited to join.

Gilberstoun Walk - Come for a Sunday stroll in the suburbs. Join artist Deirdre Macleod for a walk around Gilberstoun housing estate, on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Walking the estate’s pavements slowly in a continuous loop, this walk will explore and appreciate the particular character of this residential estate. Come and see just how far we can walk within this small part of the city.

Newcraighall Walk - Come for a gentle walk in Newcraighall, around some of the more established and recently built housing estates on the edge of Edinburgh. Suburban housing estates are an important way of accommodating Edinburgh’s growing population and each one has its own character, architecture and history. Come and explore how the edges of the city are changing.

Musselburgh Walk - Come for a gentle walk on the edge of Musselburgh, around one of its established housing estates. Built around a series of short cul-de-sacs, with a bus route passing through the estate, those of us who don’t live here have no real reason to wander along Denholm Road and its quiet side streets. Yet, residential streets offer the chance for a characterful suburban walk. Come and explore this small part of Musselburgh.

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Walk 1: Gilberstoun
Walk 2: Newcraighall
Walk 3: Musselburgh

Holger Mohaupt: 'The Art of Getting Lost in Musselburgh'
Cycle: Sat 14th Sept, 3pm
Cycle: Sat 12th October, 2pm

A cycle route that intersects the natural and social landscape, finding new ways (foot and bike) to remap the town. The route starts from Musselburgh Harbour and ends up at Luca’s with factory tour.

The cycle journey starts from Musselburgh Harbour. See more - visit research blog: www.mussyfootprint.tumblr.com

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Claudia Zeiske (Founder of Deveron Projects, Huntly) is leading a 'Brewster Wives Walk' from Portobello Beach to the top of Arthur's Seat. Claudia has made a name for her personal pilgrimages that link places special to ourselves with political, historic or anecdotal sites. In the past she walked from Home to Home, linking her home town of Huntly in Aberdeenshire with her childhood place near Munich where her mother still lives. Recently she undertook a three-country peace walk in the Balkan and creates annual thematic Slow Marathons linked to such topics as transport, energy or land use.

With a bottle of homebrew in her rucksack - for the ART WALK PORTY festival she will recreate the 17th Century Brewster Wives Walk, leading from Portobello beach to the top of Arthur’s Seat. Picnic with discussion about all things personal path making at the end.




JUDITH LAMB, Foraging Walk


Judith Lamb from Edinburgh Forage and Eat leads a 1 hr foraging walk around Portobello's coastline identifying many of the edible ingredients around our shores. Come also to our Kiln stacking and Beach bonfire cooking event on Portobello Beach where Judith will be cooking up a rich array of locally inspired ingredients, working with artist Jenny Pope creating brick stacks.





If you live in Leith, Portobello or Musselburgh and would like to be a part of this project please complete this short form below.

We are keen to hear from people interested in increasing their regular daily activity, to encourage those to get out and about who may not often do so, and to find new routes to be explored locally, as well as to meet with others in a friendly informative way.



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