Suzanne Parry

In my Shoes is a circular sound walk of around 4 miles through Craigentinny. The walk comprises a series of audio pieces around nine locations; about being a stranger, about communities and about listening.

The walk starts from the bottom of Kings Road, outside Portobello Beach Bistro. Allow 2 hours.

To start the walk & listen to the audio using your phone visit:



About the route:
1 - W.M Ramsay Technical College A 1960's College Alumni, now in his 70's, reminisces about student life, and his memories of being young in Portobello. Begin listening and walk onwards up Portobello Road until you see Wilson Memorial Church.

2. Basics Bank Organisers reflect on the service they provide while two volunteers, who were once Basics Bank users themselves, talk about their journeys. The Basic's Bank is located at the rear of the church on Kekewich Avenue.

3. The Redeemed Christian Church of God Within the sleepy exterior of this church is a thriving and joyful international congregation of mainly African decent. Stay a while in the church grounds or listen as you continue on your journey.

4. Craigentinny Castle The reciting of a poem by Lewis Spence (1874-1955) entitled ‘Craigentinnie’ describes a very different landscape than today; of the soft grass beneath his feet and the audible whisper of the ocean. Walk onward up Loaning Road and take a right when you reach the top. (If you have time, take a brief detour left to explore the unexpected conservation village of Restalrig.

5. Lochend Secret Garden This private garden is a special place. You are welcome to enter but the members kindly ask that you respect the space and leave it as it is found. To reach cross the green at Kemps Corner and continue into Lochend Quadrant. A little footpath to your left leads you to the gate. Take a rest in the garden while you listen.

6. Sleepwalker A mother reflects on the countless hours spent walking along this path while her baby lays sleeping in his pram. Press play when you enter the footpath off Restalrig Crescent. Keep walking until you reach a little green which overlooks Seafield Cemetery. Then look for a dirt path on your right which leads down to the road.

7. Ghost Yard The same Alumni we met at the technical institute talks of his lifelong love of trains. As you walk the main road there are only hints of the railway industry which once dominated the area. After leaving the footpath walk down Seafield Street and cross the road at the pedestrian crossing onto Seafield Road.

8. Star’s Story During my visit to Edinburgh Cat and Dog Home I was told about Star, a dog who is testament to the charity's dedication. Leave Seafield Road until you reach the promenade to your left.

9. Swimmer A woman has found a new way to enjoy the beach, having begun regular early morning wild swimming. She talks about a childhood by the ocean, and the solice she finds in the water during these troubled modern times. If you'd rather walk on the sand then please do. This is the end of your journey.

Visit footprintssoundwalk.weebly.com
to listen to the audio as you walk.

Suzanne Parry
is a classical trained composer & sound artist who engages with local communities in her work.

Artist Credits:
Cello - Clea Friend playing sketches composed by Suzanne Parry
Craigentinnie is by Lewis Spence and recited by Kate O'Hara
Oh poor bird - traditional - sung by Suzanne Parry


Chris Dooks: 'Autopath'
Alec Finlay: 'The Minor Walk Manifesto'
Deirdre Macleod: 'Cul-de-sac'
Holger Mohaupt: 'Lost in Musselburgh'
Suzanne Parry: 'In my shoes'