Alec Finlay

‘The Minor Walk Manifesto’ defines and promotes minor walks – any kind of very short walk made by people with constrained walking, disability, or infirmity. The Promenade in Portobello is frequently used by people enjoying minor walks. The manifesto text blends playful, poetic and imaginative assertions with sketches of local minor walks. Finlay’s manifesto – from an ongoing project – considers how a minor walk might differ from a standard walk, and what we can learn from it.

The artist also suggests places where minor walks might happen and invites you to consider composing your own minor walks.



Extracts from the Minor Walk Manifesto:

- Minor walks are the special domain of the walking constrained

- A walk is never defined as minor because of distance alone

- Such as their limits are, such are their walks

- Remember, we begin and end our lives as minor walkers

- A minor walk is always made at our own pace

- The distance between bus stops should never be greater than a minor walk

- A minor walk may be a great adventure



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