Postcards from the Shifting Shore Claudia Zeiske & Jaak Coetzer
Firth of Forth & Cape of Good Hope

A Slow Marathon along coastlines on opposite sides of the world to generate debate on rising sea levels. The 42km walk will happen simultanousely at two different locations (Firth of Forth (to Portobello) & Cape of Good Hope, South Africa). The walk considered flow, time and the sea that connect us all. Both artists walked with a red watering can pouring water into the sea and taking water out of the sea. Both of the artists are accompanied by their young adult children: Rachel Zeiske-May and Theriodopiolus Coetzer. En route they discussed the issues surrounding climate change, rising sea waters and what it means for them and their children’s future.

The project resulted in a postcard being made of the two locations, with copies of the postcards mailed to members of the COP26 Glasgow Conference, Nov 2021.

Photography (Scot): Ellie McMaster

SUN 12th SEPT 3pm - Meet the walk as it arrives at @Seafield Prom (at intersection with Seafield Rd East) - walking with Claudia as she walks to Bath Street. Families welcome, discussing the impacts for childrens' futures.
No booking required.

SUN 12th Sept 5-6pm @Art Walk Hub - 'Impacts for Change' discussion & screening with Claudia Zeiske & Larissa Naylor, with live streaming with Jaak Coetzer (South Africa). We will discuss how culture can best impact change for future generations, along with a presentation from Larissa Naylor, & the showing of images from both of the days' walks.


Prof. Larissa Naylor is an internationally recognized, award-winning, academic working scientifically on the interactions between ecology and coastal geomorphology in the coastal zone and working with practitioners, policymakers, artists and designers to co-identify and share ideas for innovative climate change governance options that can support climate resilient coastal adaptation to climate changes such as sea level rise.

More detail: Her coastal science and adaptation work has helped shape devolved government level marine, flood and coastal policy, and at the local authority scale has influenced urban planning and engineering practice. Larissa has recently led the adaptation work packages for Scottish Government’s award winning Dynamic Coast measuring, predicting and providing adaptation recommendations to adapt to current and anticipated future coastal change. has led to the inclusion of coastal issues as part of city-level climate change adaptation planning in Scotland. She has had on on Scotland wide, regional and city-level advisory boards for coastal climate change risks and adaptation planning and has advised the head of the Local Government Association’s Coastal Special Interest Group in England as well as the UK’s government department for the environment (DEFRA) on coastal climate change issues. In addition to coastal change and adaptation, Larissa has pioneered the concept of ‘greening the grey’ developing science and cost-benefit tools to encourage uptake of nature-based alternatives to conventional ‘grey’ engineering practices in our cities and towns. These can be applied in our densest urban areas and on infrastructure that needs to remain primarily grey (e.g. bridges, tramways and seawalls) for their primary function.
Claudia Zeiske is a Scotland based curator and arts activist with a passion to enrich our places locally while linking to the wider world. With a strong interest in bringing environmental and social emergencies together she is curating and advising on ways forward to improve our places and lives through walking and other cultural practices. She has made a name for her personal pilgrimages that link places important to ourselves. Her specific interests relate to path mapping and interpretation from a variety of political, social, historic and environmental angles. Her art-walk projects range from short local walks, to a 90 days Brexit inspired Home to Home walk. Slow Marathons are thematically based distance walks with a focus on creating friendship, understanding terrain and discussing pressing theme without the pressure of speed or winning. Global Slow Marathon Relay will be the 10th thematic Slow Marathon Claudia has arranged. Claudia is a qualified walking leader with a keen interest to encourage others to come, walk and see what the surface of their locality and the wider world has to offer.

Jaak Coetzer is an alt pop artist, based in South Africa. His conceptual approach fuses traditional and new media; social engagement is a key part of his practice and his projects often invite public participation. Over a span of two decades his art has evolved from sculptural object making to an action-based approach. Much of Jacques Coetzer's art employs artistic gesture, musical performance and public intervention, which he documents with photographs and video. Recent work has explored climate change philosophy and our shared relationship with nature and the environment. Coetzer works in East Africa and the United Kingdom, with Cape Town, South Africa being his primary base.

Rachel Zeiske-May is an Edinburgh based qualified mountain leader with a passion of sharing outdoor experiences with people from all walks of life through her company Mhor Outdoor.

Theriodopiolus Coetzer is a Cape Town based student of International Studies at the University of Stellenbosch. He is interested in diplomacy and the politics of ecological conservation.


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