Iman Tajik
'Where the Body Meets the Land'
26+27 Sept
Iman Tajik
'Where the Body Meets the Land'
26+27 Sept
Iman Tajik
'Where the Body Meets the Land'
26+27 Sept
Iman Tajik
'Where the Body Meets the Land'
26+27 Sept
Iman Tajik
'The Mirror'
Freedom of Movement II
Pipe St Toilet outdoor walls
Until 31 Oct
Rhona Taylor
until 31 Oct
Rhona Taylor
until 31 Oct
Rhona Taylor
until 31 Oct
Jenny Pope
'Sea Masks'
5+6 Sept
Jenny Pope
'Sea Masks'
5+6 Sept
Jenny Pope
'Sea Masks'
5+6 Sept
Jenny Pope
'Sea Masks'
5+6 Sept
Jenny Pope
'Sea Masks'
5+6 Sept
Geri Loup Nolan
'Present in this Place'
5+6 Sept
Geri Loup Nolan
'Present in this Place'
5+6 Sept
Geri Loup Nolan
'Present in this Place'
5+6 Sept
Geri Loup Nolan
'Present in this Place'
5+6 Sept
Geri Loup Nolan
'Present in this Place'
5+6 Sept
Deirdre Macleod & Christopher Kaczmarek
'Play | Relay | Replay'
Edinburgh & New York
Deirdre Macleod & Christopher Kaczmarek
'Play | Relay | Replay'
Edinburgh & New York
Deirdre Macleod
'Flow Lines'
Portobello Prom
Jenny Martin
'Fired Earth'
Porty Light Box
Two Places By the Sea
Portobello, Edinburgh
& Akureyri, Iceland
Portobello Prom, by boatclub
'The Seed Library'
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'All At Sea'
Film Night
see programme


10 outdoor, socially distanced artists' projects centred around 3 weekends

17TH/18TH OCTOBER 2020



'All At Sea' draws upon the collective, working together mood that this turbulent Covid-19 period has come to evoke. Out of the bewilderment, and confusion, a growing sense of resolve can hopefully emerge, and no more so than within the arts.

We at the Art Walk have felt it important to keep going, to adapt and change, during this uncertain period, enabling artists to continue their residencies & projects working with us. To that end a small and distanced programme quite different to our usual festival, has been devised over 3 separate weekends, all outdoors, with newly produced work much of which responds to our recent times, taking place in and around Portobello Beach & Promenade.

The works involving beach installation, live art, conversation & projection are centred on subjects critical to these times: of freedoms of movement; of food value; of personal protection; of a sense of ownership about public space; and to times for change; the pairing of place, and shared neighbourhoods, near and far.

Scroll down to see the full programme


Download Map of Works [ pdf ]



5+6 SEPT


JENNY POPE (Beach installation & workshop)
Location: Groyne by Swim Centre, Portobello Prom

Following on from Jenny's research last year relating to her 'LandMark' residency about Portobello’s historic bottle kilns and industrial working conditions, Jenny creates a series of masked forms relating to the precautions workers took to protect themselves from the heat as they unloaded the ceramics. The masks now have additional meaning as we navigate the new uncertainties around the Covid-19 virus, personal responsibility and public health. From the ubiquitous blue clinical mask to the homemade, designer or impromptu. Unfortunately dumped, along with gloves, as an increasing problem in the sea. Jenny is also mindful of the strategies people use to protect themselves during demonstrations protesting their freedom and rights against police and repressive authorities around the world.

Sun 6 Sept, 2-4pm ‘Make & Talk’ (socially distanced) event, Portobello Beach, by Swim Centre. Join Jenny to hear about her making and constructing processes creating work from found or recycled materials. Come along to listen or bring your own found/natural materials if you'd like to experiment with making something temporary for the beach. There will also be opportunities to make using sand. All ages welcome, children to be accompanied by adults. All materials to be taken away afterwards.

Booking required, please email to express interest.
Numbers currently limited to 15.

Details may change depending on social distancing restrictions at the time of this event.

Read more about Jenny Pope's residency


5+6 SEPT

GERI LOUP NOLAN (Beach installation)
Beach near to John Street, Portobello Prom

“Break a vase, and the love that reassembles the fragments is stronger than that love which took its symmetry for granted when it was whole.”
Derek Walcott

This collection started with one small triangular ceramic fragment with the letter A on it, right at the beginning of lockdown. From then on the permitted ‘exercise walks’ became the opportunity to find more. During many reflective walks on the beach thinking about the implicit issues of isolation, wellness, containment, creativity, travel, purpose… Geri has collected 2,020 fragments and will install on the sand close to where she lives. This will be one representation of how they might be exhibited or worked with in the future.

to seek among fragments something unbroken” Virginia Woolf

Artist Bio:
Geri works across painting, installation, books, film and sometimes audience participation. Often exploring local histories and local materials, she has taken residencies in Scotland, Ireland, Germany and China. Making connections with ‘a poetic archeology’ that become contemporary transformations.



BRISTOW+WILSON - Growing in Isolation | Virtual Potluck (Grow Your Own) Dinner | By Zoom

By Zoom Link: Weds, 9th Sept 6.30pm – 8pm

Join Susie Wilson & Felicity Bristow for a relaxed virtual potluck meal, bring your home grown dinner/ flowers or not, share what you are growing & eating this year. If you have received seeds from the artists at Plot 55b this year you are particularly welcome to join them to tell them what grew and what didn't!

Dress: Casual or plant themed!

This event was going to be hosted as a potluck dinner on Portobello Prom sharing produce grown in the allotment and foraged locally, but in view of current Covid-19 restrictions we are now going to host it around a socially distant online ‘table’, we hope you will enjoy sharing your experience of growing for eating and sharing this year with others in the growing community.

Booking required, please email to express interest

Read more about Bristow+Wilson's residency



26+27 SEPT

IMAN TAJIK (Beach installation & live art)
Beach near to Dalriada, Portobello Prom
Durational performance: 12-4pm each day

Read 'in conversation' with Art Walk curator, Rosy Naylor


“Your discovery was my land. My discovery is your borders” Iman Tajik

Using his artwork as a tool to weld together trauma and awareness, Iman Tajik brings his frustration to the fore with jarring silence in his performance piece entitled ‘ Where the Body Meets the Land ’. In an almost unwavering manner, Tajik will create an indented space as he paces hundreds of thousands of times from a flag pole, buried in the sand, hoisting up a shimmering gold emergency blanket, to the seashore and back. This act of line making refers to the thousands of refugees and migrants that have disembarked, including those that did not survive, onto UK shores.

In his research, Tajik explores the notion of the emergency blanket as an allegory for both the past and the future, not only for those who have experienced forced displacement, but also those to be displaced due to imminent climate change. The emergency blanket as a flag is additionally used as a tool to critique nationalism and comment on people’s incessant attachment to this coloured item of fabric.

The durational performance, which will take place on 26th and 27th September (12-4pm), will be accompanied by posters and text, which will also be sitespecific (at Pipe Street Toilet outdoor walls). Together these elements aim to create a dialogue to reflect on privilege and the restlessness between land and sea.

We ask that everyone attending is respectful of others' spaces during this time and ensures a 2m distance from other members of the public. If you have any questions during the performance, please speak to one of the Art Walk volunteers. We recommend all audience members to wear a face covering while attending.

Artist Bio:
Iman Tajik is an Iranian artist based in Glasgow. Tajik’s work is anchored in a strong social interest connected to international movements for social change. Tajik’s work addresses issues of contemporary conditions of life with a particular focus on migration and globalisation – thereby bridging the gap between art and activism, to create work as a form of socio-political currency, addressing power structures. He works across video, photography, installations and performance through which he ’performs the border’ and that speak to personal experiences of crossing geographical borders. All insist on the right to freedom of movement.


26+27 SEPT

RHONA TAYLOR - Installation at Joppa Bandstand


An installation looking at the role of the Firth of Forth as a shelter for the ships that have gathered here during the global pandemic. During the lockdown, four cruise ships and two English Channel ferries were given refuge in the Forth, becoming a visual reminder that the world had come to a standstill.

Gatherings invites visitors to the Joppa bandstand to view the work, which also references the site itself as a meeting or stopping point. It also considers some of the language that has changed or been given new significance during 2020, as gatherings first became illegal, and then subject to new rules and laws.


DAVID WILLIAMS (Projection, Sat 26th Sept, 8.30-10pm, 12-minute loop)
Location: Harbour Wall, Pipe Street
Oscar's opening serving fish n chips


A large-scale video projection of a selection of work made by photographer David Williams on / from Portobello Promenade. Realised in collaboration with Andy McGregor with textual contribution by Edinburgh Makar, Alan Spence.

David Williams is an Edinburgh (Portobello) based photographer whose work has been widely exhibited and published. He was Head of Photography / Reader at Edinburgh College of Art and retired from higher education in 2017. His practice is wide-ranging, but in recent years has been increasingly informed by the notion of non-duality. This is particularly evident in a variety of projects undertaken in Japan. He is the recipient of several awards and in 2018 was nominated for the Kyoto Prize in Arts and Philosophy – the Japanese equivalent of the Nobel Prize. | (Instagram)



(Projection, Sun 27th Sept, 8.30-9.30pm)
Location: Harbour Wall, Pipe Street
Oscar's open serving fish n chips


A series of images + texts collected from participants around the globe taking part in our three ongoing residency projects during the recent lockdown. Shared making, combine with home growing, walking by water's edges, and more; alone and together; near and far.

Jenny Pope’s ‘Making Stuff, Feel Good’
Bristow+Wilson ‘Abide: growing together, apart’
Deirdre Macleod ‘Flow Lines’



17+18 OCT

ANNIE LORD (Installation & Audio Storytelling}
Location: Figgate Lane Residents Garden, Portobello
& online (audio)


LISTEN below to this exclusive new audio story written and performed by Annie Lord for 'All At Sea', exploring Portobello's historic orchards and how the new Neighbouring Orchard will link together different neighbourhoods and communities.

As a companion to the audio story, audiences can visit Figgate Lane Residents Garden in Portobello to see some of Annie's drawings (17/18 October 2020). 'The Neighbouring Orchard' created by artist Annie Lord involves a network of apple trees to be planted this winter in local front and shared gardens across Portobello and beyond.

Art Walk Projects · The Neighbouring Orchard

Read more about 'The Neighbouring Orchard'


17+18 OCT


By Appointment each day (Via Zoom): 11am, 12 noon, 1pm, 2pm & 3pm
& Call for 'Greedy Gluts' Recipes
To book: email

Over the weekend of the 17th & 18th October artists in residence Felicity Bristow and Susie Wilson are inviting the public to talk with them via Zoom, sharing their growing experiences during and after lockdown. They will also be collecting recipes and inviting people to join their Seed Library. (Unfortunately in-person meetings at their Plot 55b are no longer happening due to recent changes in social distancing). We hope you will still join them online. This will also be an opportunity for donations to the library if anyone has surplus seeds themselves, they will be catalogued and added to the Seed Library.

Call for 'Greedy Gluts' Recipes
As part of 'All At Sea' Felicity and Susie also invite you to submit recipes and storage tips for your home grown produce, to form part up their upcoming book recording their allotment growing project planned for 2021. Please get in touch with either Susie or Felicity They would love to hear of delicious ways to eat a glut of produce, smuggle extra veg into your kids tea, or are there multiple ways to eat a courgette (we think so!), any tricks for keeping fresh herbs and what seeds you will be saving this year!

Download Seed Library Zine - with printable seed packet
for collecting any spare seed

Read more about Bristow+Wilson's residency


17 OCT

Location: Harbour Wall, Pipe Street
& artworks Portobello Prom & Kilns

'play | relay | replay' is a public performance piece which links two cities, Edinburgh and New York, through walking, gesture and play.

Artists Christopher Kaczmarek (New York) and Deirdre Macleod (Edinburgh) invite members of the public in both of their cities to join together in a project that combines whimsy and play with deeper themes of connection, separation and place. Gestures observed in one city will be performed in the other, captured on video and played back in the spaces in the city from which they were originally gathered.

This performance forms part of Deirdre’s ongoing ‘Flow Lines’ residency which explores how gesture-based performance might create new relationships with urban space. Two artworks are situated on Portobello Promenade and at the Kilns (until 31 Oct). They include six sets of performance instructions for anyone to perform.

Read more about Deirdre Macleod and her residency

Christopher Kaczmarek is a New York based artist whose work spans both experimental and traditional practices, including sculpture, site specific installations, performance, video, built circuits and solar-powered objects. His work is often interactive and designed to guide the viewer towards a deeper contemplation about the inhabited environment. Recent interests have been concerned with the act of walking as a praxis for artistic production, and the shapes in which collective and collaborative environments can be formed to become spaces where imagination and creativity are used in the service of hopeful outcomes.

He has had the opportunity to present work at many national and international galleries and festivals such as Art Souterrain in Montreal, Canada; the Trinity College Science Gallery, Dublin Ireland; the Byzantine Museum of Agios Germanos, Prespes Greece; the New York Hall of Science, Queens New York; Real Art Ways, Hartford Connecticut; the Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus Ohio; and the Czong Institute for Contemporary Art, Gyeonggi-do South Korea. 

Christopher Kaczmarek received an MFA in Visual Art and an MA in Modern and Contemporary Art History, Theory and Criticism from Purchase College, State University of New York, and is currently an Assistant Professor of Interdisciplinary Art, and Program Coordinator of the Visual Arts Program, at Montclair State University, New Jersey USA.

18 OCT

FILM NIGHT (Projection, Sun 18th Oct, 8-9.30pm)
Location: Harbour Wall, Pipe Street


Sailors are good at connecting fast and helping each other because (they) know what it is to be in trouble at sea.
Susan Smillie, living alone on a boat for 3 years ‘Living alone in the wild’
The Guardian, 4 Apr 2020

A visual portrayal of the fragility of our seas & oceans, our climate, and of our own lives (during the pandemic), with a series of film shorts from around the world. The wild sea is explored as a metaphor for our recent uncertain times, alongside ideas for change.

Come & join us in marking the end of this small series of works alongside some fish n chips (Oscar’s Kiosk open)- bring a chair.

'Letters from Cyprus' Othonas Charalambous (3:45, Cyprus)
'Plague' Raji Jagadeesan (8:15, Italy/UK)
'Rising' Emily Beaney (3:05, Scotland)
'Float' Caitlin Strongarm (3:03, UK)
'Passage' Elena Stelzer (4:45, Israel/Germany)
'Anina' Alcaeus Spyrou (19:50, Albania/UK)
'Furrious: Underwater' Milan Loviška & Otto Krause (5:32, Austria)
'Mom and Me and the Sea' Ann-Marie LeQuesne (2:03, Norway)
'Like Shishmaref' Marek Ranis (16:00, Alaska/USA)
'High Tide' Tina Hitchens & Sam Francis (4:10, UK)
'Procession 2' Nigel Goldsmith (3:30, UK)
'Across, Ahead, Behind & With You' Holger Mohaupt (2:54, Scotland)
'Acidification' Julien Masson (3:30, UK)
'Insomnia (5:13am)' Lise Kjaer (2:00, USA)
'Infinite' Zaneta Zukalova (1:42, UK)
'Oceanus Nullius' Veronica Vossen Wood (5:10, Scotland)
'Swimming Experiment 2' Julie Menguy (5:30, France)

The programme will also be available to see here online from 21st to 25th October.

Read full programme details here...




TWO PLACES BY THE SEA (Installation)
Location: Row Porty fence, nr to Bath Street

Pairing place between Portobello, Edinburgh and Akureyri, Iceland, ‘Two Places By The Sea’ involves two groups of photographers, one from each location, who have worked together in pairs to produce images in response to a range of themes. Some examine the landscape and setting while others are more personal and intimate.

The work is also simultaneously being shown in Akureyri, at their seaside promenade.

Below photographs from 'In My Neighbourhood': l-r
Vicki Watson 'You Alright Hen?'
Agnes Heiða Skúladóttir 'Minus Ten'

View more:
Fb: @TwoPlacesByTheSea | Project website


JENNY MARTIN (Installation)
Location: Porty Light Box, Bellfield Street


Small enough to hold in one hand, strong enough to hold up a building. Durable enough to last many lifetimes, cheap enough to be available to all. The brick is a lesson in simplicity and efficiency. It also shows us what is possible when a collection of simple individual elements work together.

This installation in Porty Light Box of photographed bricks, collected by Jenny Martin and Stephen Long, records the working history of the land, specific to Portobello and beyond.



This programme has been carefully constructed with a view to social distancing. However it is important everyone observes the current restrictions allowing no more than two households to meet outdoors when visiting the various artworks.

We request all visitors remain respectful of others' spaces and ensure a 2m distance from other members of the public whilst visiting all Art Walk events. We recommend all audience members to wear a face covering while attending.

- - - - - -


Portobello Sailing & Kayaking Club
Figgate Lane Residents Garden
Andy McGregor
Print Vision
Oscars Restaurant


Flora Zajicek, ArtMag | view article
Liam Rudden, Edinburgh Evening News | view pdf
Phyllis Stephen, The Edinburgh Reporter (Two Places by the Sea) | view pdf
Guðný Hrönn, Mannlif, Iceland (Two Places by the Sea) | view pdf
Porty Podcast - David Calder in conversation with Rosy Naylor, Deirdre Macleod & Jon Davey | listen here