Art Walk Porty arts festival

Annie Lord

Annie Lord has been researching historic and contemporary orchards in the areas surrounding Portobello and Leith. For the 2019 Art Walk Porty newspaper she created an artwork detailing the stories and hidden histories of the area and exploring sites which have previously been used for growing and agriculture. The project culminated with an outdoor performance of 'Graft' in the beautiful surroundings of Donkeyfield Community Orchard.

'Graft' is a solo storytelling piece, written and performed by Annie Lord, exploring the art of grafting: “the act of inserting a piece of plant or animal in another individual so as to come into organic union.” 'Graft' considers the human desire to gain control over nature and its reproduction. Using hand drawn illustrations, 'Graft' weaves together several story lines including the birth and regeneration of Edinburgh's Botanic Gardens, the cultivation of the Bramley apple and the formation of symbiotic and parasitic relationships.


Annie is a performer and visual artist based in Edinburgh. She trained in sculpture at The Slade School of Fine Art (London) before developing her work to encompass storytelling and live performance. Annie's work explores geographic and cultural histories and the ways in which they shape the present. Her performances draw on local history as well as having a fascination with material processes.