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PIER TO PIER - Greig Burgoyne

Greig was our invited artist from Hastings for our 2018 Art Walk Porty festival at Edinburgh's seaside. He was commissioned to develop a project that paired the lost space of Portobello Pier, with that of Hastings Pier, with a number of walking based public participatory works. 






On August 31st Burgoyne made a day long drawing performance on Portobello Beach. Through walking and digging; an intense logic verging on the absurd emerged.


Two public participatory, performance walks followed on Portobello Beach. Participants were invited to walk the circumference of Portobello Pier (taking the physical form of 129 meters of elastic cord), whilst following Burgoyne's footsteps on their phones of him walking the length/breadth of one end to the other of the prize winning Hastings pier.


Bandstand Project


Burgoyne was born in Glasgow, studied at HAK Vienna & MA Painting, Royal College of Art London. He engages in a broad site specific drawing practice that embraces film, live performance and drawing.

Art Walk Porty arts festival


The Art Walk Porty event builds on Portobello's diverse creative community and its unique coastline with site specific art, art houses, popup art in local shops and venues, and a maker's market, each year arranged around a different local walk of Portobello. We showcase quality contemporary art, supporting emergent artists as well as having an invited artists programme, forging links with local shops and related organisations with a collaborative approach. The event engages the local community and wider audiences to a rich and diverse programme.


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