Venue 48

Robin Baillie

OPEN: Both weekends

11 Bath Street

Mashers Unite!

Robin Baillie is an artist whose work is inspired by his love of history and discovering alternative voices in Scottish and British history. This exhibition will feature new work inspired by the alternative performers, the misfit ‘mashers’ of the ‘bothy’ and the ‘pub’, who challenged the middle class culture of the theatre and debating hall in nineteenth century Edinburgh.

Robin’s visual sources are drawn from pawn shop portraits, caricatures, silhouettes, frontispieces, pub signs, decorative woodwork and radical pamphlets. His paintings and banners refer to woodcuts and printing styles, and there is a sculptural element in their relief forms. Combining the high and the low, and the mix techniques of ‘dub’, the visitor will encounter Scots’ vernacular, music hall modes and scratchy versions of Victorian genre and history painting. This exhibition will be inspired by low humour and primitive art, often the forms that been used by those excluded from the public discourse of the entitled. Popular print culture, the handbill and poster inspire this collection of rebellious ‘turns’.

Sats 1st & 8th September, 2pm - Music Hall Mashers: A performance

opening times:
sats - 10am-6pm
suns - 11am-5pm

sat/sun 1st+2nd &
sat/sun 8th+9th sept

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