Venue 32

Fiona Bailey

OPEN: Both weekends

42/8 Joppa Road

Fiona is a mixed media artist, whose written and visual work draws on being neurodivergent. She creates experiential pieces of writing and assemblage – often autobiographical - inviting the audience to pay more attention to overlooked detail in everyday experience.

She is currently producing an installation that considers neurological differences in relation to day-to-day function; particularly function as performance.

Working within a single room throughout June and July, she will explore assemblage as an aid to working memory. Sharing the process @runalongandplay.

The final display will present a collection of objects based on domestic and family rituals, many of which can be worn or played with.

opening times:
sats - 10am-6pm
suns - 11am-5pm

sat/sun 1st+2nd &
sat/sun 8th+9th sept

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