Venue 30

John Thayers

OPEN: Both weekends

31 Esplanade Terrace
tel 07707 634332

Abstract, geometric assemblages, using card, wood and man-made materials inc Perspex, steel and acrylic spray paint, exploring cities, urban landscapes and the built environment.

My work is highly abstract including geometric abstract art, which has been strongly influenced by Russian revolutionary art of the work of the Supremacists, Kasimir Malevich in particular as well as the Constructivists whose ideas and approaches are still relevant nearly a century on. Unlike the earlier work I use a broad range of colours with a strong emphasis on achieving vibrancy.

The wooden ‘assemblages’ and cut card work deal with contemporary themes such as cities, urban landscapes, the build environment, exploration and changes.

I like to explore how modern everyday and often overlooked material can have a transformative effect when used out of context or in different settings.

Most of the material used is more likely to have come from a range of technical suppliers including DIY stores than from an art dealer.

opening times:
sats - 10am-6pm
suns - 11am-5pm

sat/sun 1st+2nd &
sat/sun 8th+9th sept

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