Art Walk Porty arts festival



The Art Houses provide a rare opportunity to come and visit participating artists, to find out about their practice and processes of working, and to discover new work.

The vast majority of artists participating are Portobello based or local to Portobello.







Most Art Houses are open both weekends, but please check individual entries before visiting.





Participating Artists:



Please use the links below to find out more about each artist-

26- Sarah Knox
27- Claudia Nocentini
28- Hannah Ashwell, Olivia Doherty, Rachael Scott
29- Zoe Kean + James Kean
30- John Thayers
31- Jenny Martin
32- Fiona Bailey
33- Jenny Capon
34- Amy Dennis
35- Mike Kinane
36- Karl Stern + Javier Ventura
37- Alison Stewart
38- Cat + Dylan Bell
38- Bell's Galleries
39- One Blue Pigeon
40- Jill Martin Boualaxai
41- Denise Horn + Mary Drummond
42- Lee Patterson
43- Peter Jones + Greta McMillan
44- Caroline Convey
45- Paul MacPhail
46- Lindsay Perth
47- Jude Nixon
48- Robin Baillie
49- Fay Donnelly
50- Esther Donaldson + Emily Ingrey Counter
51- Peter Standen
52- Teresa Gordon
53- Claire MacDonald
54- Fiona Bisset
55- Simon Jackson + Jane Angel
56- Alison Robinson, David Mola + Aurora Pinyes







Sat 1st Sept:

11am Artist Talk: Jenny Martin (Art House venue 31)
2pm Robin Baillie Music Hall Mashers: A performance (venue 48)

Sun 2nd Sept:

2-5pm Bare Branding (community printing hub and Greta's printers):
Greta McMillan (Art House venue 43)

Sat 8th Sept:

10am Prom painting with Peter Jones, Porty Prom by Swim Centre
10am-12noon Textile Origami Flowers Workshop:
Hannah Ashwell (Art House venue 28)
2pm Artist Talk: Sarah Knox (Art House venue 26)
2pm ‘One Blue Pigeon’ artist performance (Art House venue 39)

Sun 9th Sept:

3-5pm Tablecentre Arranging Workshop:
Rachael Scott (Art House venue 28)












The Art Walk Porty event builds on Portobello's diverse creative community and its unique coastline with site specific art, art houses, popup art in local shops and venues, and a maker's market, each year arranged around a different local walk of Portobello. We showcase quality contemporary art, supporting emergent artists as well as having an invited artists programme, forging links with local shops and related organisations with a collaborative approach. The event engages the local community and wider audiences to a rich and diverse programme.


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