Venue 47

Jenny Pope

'Barely adequate is not enough'

Rocks, Seafield beach
tel 07766 332048

Seen from afar, a line of orange rocks near the high tide line on the ripraps at Seafield Beach. Closer inspection will reveal the structure of individual rocks covered in a geotextile material, usually used to isolate contaminated ground. Jenny wanted to highlight the recent poor quality of seawater recorded here, waste products from across the city, end up at Seafield, on the edge of the city to be disposed of. This is a proactive message about the quality of seawater we expect for safe recreational use and to demand the highest quality water achievable.

Jenny Pope is a sculptor fascinated by a wide range of material processes and finding ways to express the internal and external changes we humans face in our lives. She uses a broad range of materials and processes, including porcelain, limecrete, textiles, found and recycled materials, and is currently experimenting with saturation of materials with dyes as a metaphor for information and emotional overload.

Jenny works from her studio at Wasps, Albion Road, Edinburgh. Her recent exhibitions have included Patriothall Gallery, and Tatha Gallery, Newport on Tay, and she regularly exhibits with SSA and VAS. She divides her time between practising art and mental health work.

Artist Walks:
Artist Walk Sun 3rd, 10.30am
(beach wheelchair accessible)
Meet at Porty Beach Wheelchairs
(Tumbles car park)

Arist Walk Fri 8th, 3pm
from Seafield Rocks

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