Portobello & Seafield Prom leading to Meadows Yard

Exploring many lost and underused spaces around Seafield, the 2017 Art Walk focussed on 'Edge Lands', of those places on the edge of the city, on the edge of the land, largely forgotten places, that are driven or cycled through on the way to one's destination. 'Edge Lands' seeks to draw attention to this hidden, magical place with a series of new temporary interventions commissioned for this year's event. We ask the viewer to look again, at the back of the garages, at the tideline, at the sea, and further into Craigentenny, into the hidden lost gem of Meadows Yard.

Image above: Juliana Capes


"Edgelands, by and large, are not meant to be seen, except perhaps as a blur from a car window, or as a backgrop to our most routine and mundane activities"
'Edgelands: Journeys into England's true wilderness' Paul Farley & Michael Symmons Roberts, 2011

image below: Alix Villaneuva






seaweed, tidal, the north sea


Informed by the local natural landscape of Seafield, Alix Villanueva, Juliana Capes, Jenny Pope (image below) and Asma Albumarak create installations based around the changing tides, the sea's edge, the water quality, and of our position by the North Sea.







'non places are there to be passed through'

Marc Auge 'Non-places'

The unregulated and transitory space of Seafield Prom is home to Deirdre Macleod's game without rules 'Playing up' (image below), and Fiona Hermse's 'The Life Between' drawing attention to the prom's deteriorating surface, beckoning us to stop and look.





closed spaces, re-covered histories

Daniele Sambo (images below) opens up windows into many buildings we cant normally see into, some drawing upon the cultural heritage of Portobello. We will see inside the Pottery Kilns and the Bus Depot without stepping inside. Jill Martin Boualaxai's archaelogically fused works map and reference Portobello's ever changing historical urban footprint, specifically to the old lido and the power station






getting lost

"I ask myself as I walk, how important the journey is, its not just about getting to where I need to get. I get lost often, maybe half intentionally, or I misread an unclear map, then I arrive. Somehow its important that I do get lost."

Rosy Naylor






wood water wood

Gerard O'Brien takes us on a 2hour walk across two edgelands: from Gilmerton to Portobello, Here+Now invite us to listen to audio of Copenhagen's Sydhaven waterfront, as we walk the edgelands of Portobello. Just two of the many walks+talks artists will be running during the art walk.





meadows yard

The wild landcape meets nature reserve at Meadows Yard, just across the road from the end of Seafield prom. Emma Macleod and Abi Lewis (image above) create their otherworldiness haven of creatures and stories; and Felicity Bristow and Susie Wilson invite you to take part in their community workshops recording the local habitat, with its plants and weather, creating cyanotype postcards of Portobello.





audio guides

Three of our participating artists and artist collaborations, produced audio guides to compliment their work in the Edgelands project. They offer unique ways to explore the different spaces of Seafield and Meadows Yard Nature Reserve.





getting to meadows yard

Meadows Yard is best reached walking up Seafield Prom to the far end (west) passed the dog+cat home, crossing over Seafield Road East, taking first left along Fillyside Rd. It is a short way along on the left, just over the railway bridge. From Kings Rd to Meadows Yard it is approximately a 15 minute walk.

Please come prepared, wearing suitable clothing and footwear. The Nature Reserve contains uneven ground and steps. Stick to the paths and desire lines when walking around. Unfortunately it does not have disabled access.

Come and join Emma, Abi, Felicity and Susie for a guided walk around the nature reserve:


Artist walks:

Sun 3rd, 12.30pm, with Felicity Bristow & Susie Wilson
Tues 5th, 7.30pm, with Emma Macleod
Weds 6th, 7pm, Felicity Bristow & Susie Wilson
Sun 10th, 3pm, Emma and Abi will join storyteller Daniel Allison to present MEADOW MORPHOSE, an artist led storytelling walk. Hear weird and wild tales of shamanic initiation as you walk and discover the creatures dwelling in Meadows Yard.

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'Edge Lands' is curated by rosy naylor

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tel. 07941 710304


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