Venue 46

Deirdre Macleod

'Playing up'

By ramp, west end of Seafield prom
tel 07949 079270

‘Playing Up’ is a series of ground and wall drawings in the edgeland spaces at the Seafield end of Portobello Promenade. Viewers are invited to play and move within the drawings. Inside each drawing, there are no rules...yet.

Viewers are invited to suggest sets of rules or procedures for playing, moving, or otherwise using, the marked-out spaces of the drawings. Any suggestions will be documented and presented alongside small scale versions of the drawings in an exhibition at A449 Architects, Portobello.

Post suggestions for rules or procedures for using the drawings on twitter to #playingup.

Deirdre Macleod is a contemporary artist with a background in human geography. She investigates our experience of the everyday, material and practical aspects of towns and cities, such as construction and demolition works, traffic patterns and walking in the city. Fieldwork and observation methods are central to her artistic practice, along with forms of drawing and painting.

She is currently Artist in Residence at the Institute of Geography, School of Geosciences, University of Edinburgh.

Artist Walks:
Sensory Walk, Sat 2nd, 10.30am
Algorithmic Walk, Sat 9th, 3pm
(each walk 90mins long incl talk)

Starting point: A449 Architects
90 minutes including introductory talk
Participants to bring a small note book and pen/pencil
Participants to wear clothing appropriate to weather

Numbers limited to 12 participants
To book place, please email deirdre.macleod@hotmail.co.uk

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