Venue 43

Daniele Sambo

'Door in the wall'

Various locations including:
Pottery Kilns
Towerbank play wall (into Toddlers Hut)
Bus depot (viewed from prom)
Toilets Pipe Street
tel 07403 534188

Daniele uses the language of photography to create a series of temporary interventions opening a door, a transparency, into what is behind, working often with unvisited or closed to the public places.

Daniel Sambo is a Venetian artist, living and working in Glasgow, who creates temporary interventions and performative acts to evoke imaginary dimensions from ordinary daily landscapes, with a specific attention in the way people use, consume and transform space.

Daniele is constantly challenging the boundaries of his own practice, looking for a direct exchange of knowledge and dialogue, where the processes are very often concerned with how the work interjects and discusses community. His work is often based in socially engaged practice, public art and sculpture.

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