This year our site specific programme is focused around 'EdgeLands', of those places by the edge of the land, and the edge of the city, with an emphasis on Seafield Prom and Meadows Yard Nature Reserve, with accompanying exhibition at A449 Artspace.

We've been working with awarded artists Juliana Capes, Felicity Bristow+Susie Wilson, Deirdre Macleod, Jenny Pope and Alix Villanueva, alongside developing smaller works and interventions from Asma Almubarak, Jill Martin Boualaxai, Here+Now, Fiona Hermse, Emma Macleod+Abi Lewis, and Daniele Sambo.

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Our artist open studios this year have been renamed to Art Houses. We have 27 artists opening up their studios, homes or gardens this year over the two weekends.


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11 Artists are showing their work in local shops, venues and cafes.


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11 designer-makers will be showing at our Market at the Dalriada, taking place over the 2nd weekend of the Art Walk - 8-10 Sept.


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We have a great programme of Walks, Talks, Audio Guides, and Artists Workshops taking place over the ten days of this year's Art Walk.


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View and download the map for the whole event [ pdf ]


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The Art Walk Porty event builds on Portobello's diverse creative community and its unique coastline with site specific art, art houses, popup art in local shops and venues, and a maker's market, arranged around a local walk of Portobello. We showcase quality contemporary art, supporting emergent artists as well as having an invited artists programme, forging links with local shops and related organisations with a collaborative approach. The event engages the local community and wider audiences to a rich and diverse programme.


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