Venue 44

Alix Villanueva


Prom lamposts - area around Crumbs, Tumbles, towards Kings Road
tel 07922 085704

“Tangle” is a visual walk through the mysterious, complex and historical relationship that humans have with seaweed. This relationship is a multi-facetted one, starting with linguistics. The word “tangle” in relation to seaweed has shifting definitions that are context-dependent, as the word is part of the Scottish oral tradition. This visually rich word comes to mean a number of things: the tangle of seaweed one finds on the shore, seaweed specimens of the Laminaria genus (kelp), but also more specifically the stems of the latter when they create thick knots upon the shore. Mixing drawing, scan art, photography, collage and writing, Alix Villanueva creates new images that explore this entangled relationship, one which is very historically significant to the people of Scotland. The artwork itself is a series of five boards that lines the shore and imparts walkers with intimate and visual stories of the often forgotten seaweed.

Alix Villanueva is a multimedia artist whose work is concerned with ecological thought, particularly with the ways in which humans and non-humans assemble and relate to one another. Her recent work displays a range of modern mythmaking, merging sculptural elements, image-making and eco-poetics to reimagine relationships with real and invented non-human agents.

Artist walks (low tide),
together with artist + poet, Alex Hackett:
Sat 2nd, 6pm and Fri 8th, 11am meet by Crumbs

Alex Hackett works as an artist, writer and anthropogastronomer. Her work exists in the shifting boundaries of the natural and the unnatural, across fields of poetics, sculpture, installation and the edible. Much of her work is drawn from experience of the shore and the sea.

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