Cirein Croin (Sea Monster)
Beach Groyne, by the Swim Centre

Artist, Fiona Hermse is working with Leonard Cheshire Disability's Can Do Programme and students from Upward Mobility on a six-week programme of workshops to create 'Cirein Croin' as part of Art Walk Porty 2016.

Ceirean, Cirein-cròin or cionarain-cròin is a large sea monster in Scottish Gaelic folklore. An old saying claims that it was so large that it fed on seven whales: Local folklores say this huge animal can disguise himself as a small, silver fish when fisherman come in contact with it. Other accounts state the reason for the disguise was to attract its next meal; when the fisherman would catch it in its small silver fish form, once aboard it changed back to the monster and ate him.

Forbes identifies the creature as a large sea serpent, but this is arguable. He also proposes it as a dinosaur -

"It is not known what this monster animal was, though it may well have been one of these "Giant fish-destroyers,"

Forbes, Alexander 



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