Holger Mohaupt

Methodological Mapping of Geographical Environments:
A cycle ride inspired by the artist’s own experience of getting lost around Musselburgh. The encounters along his journey in search of the railway station, lay the foundation for this route; one that is based on local knowledge, memory and chance. There are 21 stops on the route that mark out details, secret short cuts and muddy paths, all part of local people’s journeys. Length: 90mins to 2hrs


About the route:
1- Water tap - Fisherrow Harbour
2- Washing lines on Promenade
3- Dr Wu's Clinic in 118A - dead end (turn round)
4- Car park - dead end (turn round)
5- Skateboarders' half-pipe
6- Padlock Bridge
7- Swans & seagulls
8- Underneath Town Bridge (mind your head)
9- Health Centre (path behind bike shelter on far right end)
10- Bowling Club
11- Steps up to the church (carry bike up/E-bike go round)
12- Inveresk Cemetry
13- Parish Church of St Michael (bench for views/picnic in close)
14- Wild muddy path to the business park
15- Long metal stairs down (you can also go straight down to 17)
16- Eskmills, the old net making factory
17- Concrete arrow, 297 Squadron Building
18- Cycle park behind the Racecourse
19- Short cut in front of racecourse club house
20- Yellow at Loretto School
21- St Luca's Ice Cream Parlour


Chris Dooks: 'Autopath'
Alec Finlay: 'The Minor Walk Manifesto'
Deirdre Macleod: 'Cul-de-sac'
Holger Mohaupt: 'Lost in Musselburgh'
Suzanne Parry: 'In my shoes'