Deirdre Macleod

Three short walks around residential estates in eastern Edinburgh. Taking you through suburban places, wherepublic space becomes increasingly private, these walksencourage you to observe the changing edges of thecity. Each walk takes around 90 minutes at a gentlepace. They can be made separately or can be linked onfoot, by bus or by train.

Starting at the entrance to each estate, following thepavement, you will walk slowly in a continuous looppast houses, gardens and communal spaces, turning atthe end of each cul-de-sac. Be open to encounter, toconversations and, perhaps, to feeling out-of-place.



About the routes:

Start at the entrance to Gilberstoun estate onGilberstoun. Choose either the pavement on theleft- or right-hand side and follow it all the way round.Eventually, you will arrive back at your starting pointon the other side of the road.

Start at the entrance to Bauld Drive, where it meetsNewcraighall Road. Take the pavement on the lefthandside as it enters the housing estate. Follow thepavement round, into Andrew Balfour Grove in acontinuous loop, as far as possible. Return to the cornerof Bauld Drive. Cross Newcraighall Road, follow thepavement west to the entrance of Newcraighall Drive.Follow Newcraighall Drive into Park Terrace and intoPark View. Return via Newcraighall Drive.

Start at Clayknowes Road, where it meets NewhailesRoad. Take the pavement on the right-hand side andwalk along the pavement as far as the entrance toDenholm Road. Follow the pavement round DenholmRoad in a continuous loop, as far as possible. Return toClayknowes Road and walk back to where you started.


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