Venue 27

Zoe Kean

Showing with James Kean

OPEN: 4/5 & 11/12 SEPTEMBER

33 Esplanade Terrace

Zoe’s work explores the Scottish landscape through etchings, monoprints, paintings and collographs. Inspired by wild places, she builds up highly textured and dynamic layers in her pieces to create vibrant images.

"Like most people I have been forced to spend much of the last year in the area closest to my home. I have found it fascinating to discover new places and perspectives in locations I have previously thought familiar and have taken for granted. This has inspired a series of prints and paintings of my local park which I have visited almost daily and which provides solace and endless inspiration throughout the seasons."


I am an artist, based in Glasgow, whose practice includes drawing, painting and printmaking. Nature and the geological and social history of the Scottish landscape are the subjects of my artwork. I enjoy creating work through drawing, painting and a variety of printmaking techniques, including etching, monoprint, collography and linocut.

Migratory birds, their relationship to the Scottish landscape and how this is changing is another developing interest in my work.

I like to create bold, textural work which suggests the constantly evolving, multi-layered nature of the environments we live in and influence, essentially exploring how we have left our mark on the land and how it has shaped us.

Studied: Glasgow School of Art, B.A.Hons Fine Art Sculpture (2006)
Solo exhibitions: Pittenweem Arts Festival, 2016-19
Porty Artwalk, Edinburgh 2017-19
Staffordshire Bike Show 2010/11






opening times:
sats - 10am-6pm
suns - 11am-5pm


Studio includes some outdoor aspect

Studio open By Appointment Mon-Fri 6th-10th Sept