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Mike Kinane


10 Queens Bay Crescent

Mike likes to work directly in an expressive manner in oil, acrylic, pastel or watercolour. His paintings show his love of experimental mark-making, with paint often applied with pieces of card, palette knives and brushes and his excitement in using vibrant colours, applied boldly.

Painting is what really inspires me. I love the excitement in using bright colours, applied boldly. Technically I like to experiment with all sorts of marks, applied often with pieces of card, palette knives and brushes. It is vitally important that the work is lively and makes an impact by seizing the viewer’s attention. Lately, to achieve ‘expression’ in paintings I have concentrated on acrylic paint more, which can be ‘layered’ more quickly because of it’s shorter drying time. In this way I can preserve the brightness of the colours. Sometimes I will start with a ‘colour ground’ to set up the colour scheme and atmosphere of a given picture. Recently I have embarked on a large series of musicians, performing. I simply try to bring the performance to life. In a way this is what I have done in the past , giving a ‘presence’ to the various local landscapes and townscapes I have witnessed.


Mike Kinane graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 1978, Dip Drawing and Painting

Selected artistic events:
2003 - Solo Exhibition Queens Hall
2006 - Commissioned to paint a mural 40ft x12ft in Co. Cork Ireland
2007-10 - Works exhibited in Flaubert Gallery Edinburgh
2008 -10 - Paintings exhibited as part of the “Three Harbours Festival”
2010 - Launch of “Pamoja Art company” with exhibition of paintings in the Cathedral Hall Edinburgh
2011 - Edinburgh Festival Exhibition, Cathedral Hall
2012 - Entered Jolomo landscape competition
2013 - Commissioned portrait for University of Pennsylvania
2014 - Exhibition in Dalriada Portobello
2015 - Commissioned portrait for University of Pennsylvania
2016 - Work shown in ”Velvet Easel”
2018 - Portrait commission for University of Pennsylvania







opening times:
sats - 10am-6pm
suns - 11am-5pm


Studio includes some outdoor aspect

Studio open By Appointment Mon-Fri 6th-10th Sept