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Janet Melrose


Tanifiki, 44 Portobello High Street

Janet has an interest in the natural world and the ways we observe and interact with landscape. She explores in this show ideas of making, listening and the observing of environments through 3 strands of work: Tools, Podcasts, & Networking. All created during lockdown they respond to connections with place.

“Tools", I collect builders tools which I use to record walks I have made. The making and recording of walks is important to me. This became even more important when we were restricted to the amount and distance we could walk during lockdown. The second hand tools have a beautiful patina showing the changes that have taken place as a result of being used. I often find myself looking at the rust and imperfections and “seeing,’ the surfaces like a landscape.

“Podcasts", I became interested in the way I interacted with a landscape and noticed that my drawings were affected by the sounds, the temperature, and after some research the history of a place. I wanted to use an oval shape to reference the Podcast icon. It was a playful take on something I had been listening to during lockdown as well as affording me another shape to work with.

“Networking", comes from a series I am making about found objects and what they say about change and decay. Each morning I make a walk to the river by my studio. I am inevitably attracted to something and whatever I find comes home with me to be recorded in a watercolour painting. I have a growing collection of objects both natural and manmade which I am calling the “Foundlings,’ Many of the objects show a “re-wilding’ process taking place as plant and animal material begins to grow and reclaim the pieces.


2011 Edinburgh College of Art – evening classes
2012-13 - Leith School of Art – evening classes
2013-15 - Leith School of Art - Drawing Course; One Day Painting Course; Landscape Course
2016 – Look & Draw - Studio Practice Summer School
2015-18 – Damian Callan – Drawing & Painting the Figure

Dec 2013 – Being an Artist (group show), Coburg House
June 2013, 2014 - End of Year Show - Leith School of Art
December 2015 – Solo exhibition, Thomas & Ethel, Earlston
April 2016 – Local Artists group show, Image Collective
September 2017 – Touching the Surface, (group show) Edinburgh Palette







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sats - 10am-6pm
suns - 11am-5pm


Studio includes some outdoor aspect

Studio open By Appointment Mon-Fri 6th-10th Sept