Venue 16

Calum Smith

OPEN: 4/5 & 11/12 SEPTEMBER

34 Regent Street

This exhibition is sited in a front garden; the non-traditional setting is reflected in the work being shown. Visitors will be able to take a journey through Calum’s creative process; his abstract paintings inspire and influence each other, and he will show work from various stages of his creative process.

Calum uses his previous work as subject matter then re-draws and re-paints images using repetition and different materials to encourage improvisation and a flow between representation and abstraction.


1989-1993 MA Joint Hons 2:1 Economics and International Relations, University of Aberdeen
1990-1991 Academic Exchange, University of Oregon






opening times:
sats - 10am-6pm
suns - 11am-5pm


Studio includes some outdoor aspect

Studio open By Appointment Mon-Fri 6th-10th Sept