Venue 8

Alison Robinson

Showing with Julia Macaulay / Kshema Cooper

OPEN: 4/5 & 11/12 SEPTEMBER

16 Rosefield Place

Reduction lustre glazed ceramics using an updated method that has its origins in 12th Century Persia. The depth of colour and intense sheen is remarkable and Alison makes both small scale pieces and ambitious larger work.


Alison specialises in reduction lustre and earthenware sculpture. She trained at Bath Academy of Art, Corsham, under tutor James Tower. She has taught pottery extensively in London and Edinburgh. In 1980 she founded the Poldrate Pottery in Haddington, making traditional spongeware pottery. She also worked with acclaimed Scottish potter Margery Clinton who later bequeathed Alison her reduction lustre kilns and recipes.

In 2009 Alison founded the Bridge Pottery Collective at St Margaret's House which is now the home to ~15 talented potters. She continues work there, creating unique lustre ware and supporting the other potters. She helped with the restoration of the ornate Coade stone pillars and community garden wall on the Portobello promenade, by recreating the original Coade stone recipe. She also helped on the restoration of the last remaining bottle kilns in Scotland, now hidden behind a Portobello housing estate.

In 2014 she set up, organised and created the landmark "Celebrating Ceramics" exhibition at St Margaret's House.






opening times:
sats - 10am-6pm
suns - 11am-5pm


Studio includes some outdoor aspect

Studio open By Appointment Mon-Fri 6th-10th Sept