Venue 64

Teresa Gordon

OPEN: 14+15 September only

138 Portobello High Street EH15 1AH

Teresa’s work involves painting, installation and prints. She is currently intrigued by memory and its inescapable loss. Her recent work explores how, like the ebb and flow of tides, memory can drift away on a wave. She works with the subject of salt as a metaphor for memory. The saturation and evaporation of salt echoeing the edge between memory and forgetfulness.

Teresa's most recent work began with visiting the salt pans of Tavira and Gruissan, over the last 3 years. Salt there is produced by evaporation through sunlight (Solar Salina). So different from the filthy salt sea process in local Joppa/Preston Pans, where evaporation was done by burning coal. Engaging once more with salt reignited her long-standing interest.
"The history and importance of salt is vast and endlessly fascinating. I doubt if there is any part of the world that has not been affected by its production whether through its health-giving properties, religion, war or philosophy."


Teresa Gordon BA(Hons)fine art, MPhil
Graduate of Glasgow School of art 1994, Awarded the Jock MacPhie painting prize, and later graduated with MPhil from GSA and Glasgow University in 2003.
Exhibited locally (Velvet Easel and Artwalk Porty) and at RSA.
Solo exhibition at Coburg House.
Previous exhibitions were in East Kilbride Art Centre and East Kilbride Country Park, Glasgow Hutchison Street (pop-up)
I returned to the visual arts after 20 years in education.












opening times:
sat - 10am-6pm
sun - 11am-5pm

sat/sun 14th+15th sept