Venue 62

Peter Byrne

OPEN: 7+8 & 14+15 September

24 Bath Street EH15 1HD

I embarked on a series of images of something I saw almost every day but never really looked at. It is a view the elements of which remain stable whilst the view changes hourly in their relationship to one another. The eye sweeps from a base to the apex of the view, the cracked flagstones, the speckled walkway, the sea wall, the dry sand, the wet sand, the shoreline, the sea, the distant land and the sky.

The ‘elements’ I refer to have hidden behind them as an armature the four elements of Earth Fire Air Water (in this case Fire is represented by light). There is also a strong tension between the man made and the natural.


Jude Nixon

Most of my career has been in the ‘social context’ of art. I was an OU tutor, Visiting Lecturer in drawing and painting in a number of Art departments. I then moved over into Art Therapy as practitioner, researcher, and educator (most recently as programme director for the MSC in Art Psychotherapy at QMU). At the start of my career I did exhibit in group shows most notably in the ‘Lives’ exhibition at the Hayward Gallery and as part of a group invited by Joseph Beuys to participate in his 1977 Documenta Project. My career involved submitting a number of dissertations and thesis the last as a PHD at Edinburgh University. The content of these submissions had Art and its importance in therapy as its central theme.

I have not thought of myself as an exhibiting artist since that time but having retired from teaching I have returned to my roots in Painting.









opening times:
sat - 10am-6pm
sun - 11am-5pm

sat/sun 7th+8th & 14th+15th sept