Venue 43

John Thayers

OPEN: 7+8 & 14+15 September

31 Esplanade EH15 2ES

3D abstract art constructions using everyday materials such as wood, perspex, steel, and spray paint to explore the idea of urban and built environments/structures including what goes on below our feet and above our heads. 2D abstract painting using acrylic paints to explore other types of real and imagined landscapes.

The qualities of many everyday materials are overlooked because they are often hidden or are viewed as having little or no intrinsic beauty. Taken out of context, used in different unexpected ways and placed in a different setting to explore the built environment these material reveal new qualities and encourage the viewer to reconsider the everyday.

These materials are used to construct imagined built environments and structures which include what is often hidden from sight but without which city life would be impossible.

Other landscapes both real and imagined are explored in an abstract way. A number these landscapes do not seek to capture a moment in time but are composites of how the viewer might see the same scene at different times of the day or year.


Having studied photography and design at Napier College, John decided to study primary education where he has spent most of his adult life, as a teacher, Head Teacher, Advisor and Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh working with trainee teachers. His artistic life has developed over the last three years. During that period he has exhibited work in the Velvet Easel (2017,2018) and has participated in Art Walk Porty for the last three years.








opening times:
sat - 10am-6pm
sun - 11am-5pm

sat/sun 7th+8th & 14th+15th sept