Venue 48

Susie Reade & Peter Galinsky

OPEN: 7+8 & 14+15 September

10 John Street EH15 2BG

This is a conversation between three creative entities: two artists and a painting. The pictorial dialogue takes place during the interactive processes of responding, improvising, debunking, reflecting, magnifying, distorting and harmonising. Through this conversation the painting develops its own voice and ends up as the most authoritative figure in the studio! (exit the two artists.)

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Art Auction - Sunday 15 Sept, 4pm

Unsold paintings will be auctioned on the final Sunday at 4pm. Bids can be left with the artists at any time during the exhibition.


Peter Galinsky is much more active in music than in visual art but he is interested in the collaborative element of both. He plays the clarinet and recorders and has performed recently with the composer Michael Garrett at the Edinburgh Society of Musicians. He plays in a klezmer band and works with Lee Gershuny's World Elements Theatre for whom he has also composed music. He was a member of the improvising Pelvis and Mantra Orchestra. Peter writes poetry, teaches languages and plays games.

Susie Reade graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art in 2013. She has shown work in numerous group shows, including VAS 2017 and she has had six solo exhibitions. Her work is based on the usually solitary, silent process of drawing. Collaboration on the other hand though serious, is sociable. Collapsing in giggles is not unknown.


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opening times:
sat - 10am-6pm
sun - 11am-5pm

sat/sun 7th+8th & 14th+15th sept