Kate Tweddle + Elaine Maher

Venue 2


Beach Platforms, bottom of Kings Road
tel 07584 906186


A temporary chalk-based painted mural based on the history of a '12 baker's wives race' from 1661.

The Mercurius Caledonius - one of the earliest recognised newspapers in Scotland – tells of the race between twelve baker’s wives, all the way from Portobello to the top of Arthur’s Seat. The Mercurius said “All of them in a condition which makes violent exertion unsuitable to the female form”. The prize was a hundredweight of Cheese (112lbs), along with Whisky and Rum.

Kate and Elaine are two mural painters with a background in painting and graphic design. They work together to create bespoke hand-painted murals.



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opening times:
fri 2nd 11-4pm
sat 3rd 11-4pm
sun 4th 11-4pm

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