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Jon Davey and Jen Russell : Creative Consequences

Jon and Jen, photographer and writer, have been playing consequences with photographs and poems.

Jon and Jen met at a Glasgow flat party in 1987 and a week or two later met again in Edinburgh when they talked at length about art and poetry. The two have not met in person since that day in 1987, now almost thirty years ago, but have corresponded sporadically over the years, never completely losing touch.

This work is a selection from a much larger body of work that Jon and Jen have produced during the past year. Each week Jen would send Jon a poem and he would send her a photograph, creating two creative 'strands', each poem inspiring a photograph, each photograph inspiring a poem.

Jon Davey is a freelance photographer, now living in Portobello. Although his commercial work mostly consists of conferences and events, his personal work is frequently more about his immediate surroundings.

Jen Russell was born and raised in Cambuslang in Glasgow and now lives in Buckinghamshire. She works as a copywriter. She has written books for children and teenagers under the pen names Jenny Smith and J L Smith.


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