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A group of four recent graduates from the Edinburgh College of Art collaborate to make site specific works in St Philips church. Each artist has responded to this vibrant and challenging space by interpreting their own ideas in large scale wall drawings which relate to the unique design features of the church interior and its location by the sea.


Sophie Ferguson used the stained glass windows and a walk along Porty beach as a starting point for this work. It’s a playful piece exploring the mixture of detritus to be found washed up on our shore using the structure of the stained glass windows as a method to piece together these jumbled items.

Sophie graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art in June 2016. She previously studied Stage Management and has experience in costume and set design. Her practice is not confined to a specific material or technique. She enjoys experimenting and crossing disciplines. She is currently working in collaboration with Cyrenians and the Scottish Centre for Conflict Resolution on an interactive project exploring home life.


Barbara Rowell was fascinated by the highly stylised designs of the stained glass panels which are a strong feature of the church. Her installation investigates processes for up-scaling and simplifying images to produce design proposals.

Since graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2014 Barbara has continued to experiment with different media, revisiting some of the more sustainable processes with a view to building them into her working practice. Barbara recently established a studio in East Lothian with facilities for printmaking and glass. She also works in textiles and tapestry weaving and finds that working around different processes allows serendipitous connections and relationships to arise, which inform potential future directions for her work.


A large dark drawing of ships sailing north in an 'Arctic Convoy' is made by Susie Reade. In 1944 her mother travelled in such a convoy to Arctic Russia. She was on her way to work in Moscow. Susie has been reading her mother's diary in order to understand her personal experiences and the historical context of this extremely dangerous journey. The stained glass at St Phillips Church abounds with nautical images whose designs have suggested a format for Susie’s work.

Susie Reade graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art in 2013. Her work is always founded in drawing. She has a particular interest in growing vegetables and the process of composting. So this ‘obsession’ with her mother’s life as a young woman is completely new.


Ruth Thomas is an Australian artist who graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2014. In 2015 she won the RSW Student Prize and the John Gray Award at the RSW Annual Exhibition.

Ruth’s work explores the human impact on the fragile balance of our natural environment. Central to her art practice is the experience of walking, observing and building a bank of pictorial references from which she develops large scale exploratory drawings. These deconstruct and regenerate organic forms in a visual simulation of nature in flux.



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