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'ASSEMBLE1' is the first of a series of events to be held during 2021 (may to oct) relating to our ongoing residency programme and other invited artists.

A contemporary discourse around the role of place, with an emphasis on the lived experience will be developed, drawing connections to many post-industrial urban landscapes and working histories on Edinburgh's peripheries, involving walking, installation, talks and the connecting of neighbourhoods.

A new Edinburgh walking app is also being created for 2021 supported by Paths for All's Smarter Choices, Smarter Places Fund and the National Lottery Community Fund, to be launched in May, providing a creative way for users to share their own walks or follow a number of curated walks.

Read here for the full Assemble1 programme: 15 May to 5 June

'WE'RE HIRING' Arts Development Worker | Decorators of Portobello

We're currently accepting applications for this new part-time freelance role working closely with Nicky Bird & Rosy Naylor, starting from 1st June.

deadline 12 may 2021 | read more

We are delighted to be commencing shortly on part two of the Decorator's Project working with artist Nicky Bird. The project will create a book publication, exhibition, alongside a community engagement walks+talks programme over the summer, creating a lasting legacy for a number of women who worked at Buchan Potteries as decorators in the 50s/60s illustrating the various ceramics produced at the time.

27 apr 2021 | view more

RECENT PROJECTS 'ALL AT SEA' took place over 3 weekends during Sept and Oct 2020, involving ten socially distanced artist projects including beach installations, live art, online conversation and large-scale projections on Portobello Prom, Edinburgh. Some of the work is shown below.
See full programme here...

'WHERE THE BODY MEETS THE LAND' | IMAN TAJIK Using his artwork as a tool to weld together trauma and awareness, Iman Tajik brings his frustration to the fore with jarring silence in his durational performance which took place as part of 'All At Sea'. In an almost unwavering manner, Tajik creates an indented space as he paces hundreds of thousands of times from a flag pole, buried in the sand, hoisting up a shimmering gold emergency blanket, to the seashore and back. This act of line making refers to the thousands of refugees and migrants that have disembarked, including those that did not survive, onto UK shores.

In his research, Tajik explores the notion of the emergency blanket as an allegory for both the past and the future, not only for those who have experienced forced displacement, but also those to be displaced due to imminent climate change. The emergency blanket as a flag is additionally used as a tool to critique nationalism and comment on people’s incessant attachment to this coloured item of fabric.

Iman will be returning to Portobello in 2021 with a longer artist residency as part of our 'Assemble' programme.

Art Walk Projects · The Neighbouring Orchard

'THE NEIGHBOURING ORCHARD' | ANNIE LORD The first apple trees as part of the Neighbouring Orchard will be arriving soon, and being distributed to participants and community gardens across Portobello, Craigmillar and Musselburgh shortly.

LISTEN above to this exclusive new audio story written and performed by Annie Lord, exploring Portobello's historic orchards and how the new Neighbouring Orchard will link together different neighbourhoods and communities. As a companion to the audio story, during the Art Walk's 'All At Sea' 2020 programme, audiences can visit Figgate Lane Residents Garden in Portobello to see some of Annie's drawings.

'The Neighbouring Orchard' created by artist Annie Lord involves a network of apple trees to be planted this winter in local front and shared gardens across Portobello and beyond.



'THE DECORATORS' | NICKY BIRD This residency which culminated in March 2020 focused on a group of women who worked as decorators for Buchan & Co potteries in the late 1960s. Mostly in their teens, the women painted thistles, among other motifs, in workshops near the present-day site of the kilns in Portobello. By paying attention to voice, image, pattern on pottery including the marker on its base, the residency produced a series of events and site-specific related artwork that teased out the significance of stories of the decorators, and how in their own subtle way, they continue to leave a mark on the Portobello landscape. 'The Decorators' project is due to be continued in 2021 recording and documenting the work and lives of many women who worked as decorators at Buchan Potteries in the 1960s.


Footprint Map Project



Commissioned Artists: Chris Dooks, Alec Finlay, Deirdre Macleod, Holger Mohaupt, Suzanne Parry

In 2019 we worked on developing a community mapping project that linked the areas of Leith, Portobello & Musselburgh with a number of alternative routes that encourage everyday activity.

Our printed map illustrating all five routes is now available, designed by artist, David Lemm. 

FOOTPRINT is funded by Paths for All ‘Smarter Places, Smarter Journeys’ fund, and Scotrail Arts & Culture Fund, managed by Foundation Scotland.



The 2019 Art Walk Festival saw a number of participatory events, works and installations relating to the 'Land Mark' theme taking place from 7-15 September.

Land Mark | Satellite
Film Nights | Diary+Map | Newspaper



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