Art Walk Projects produces and curates projects in response to local environments, histories, and communities. We work with artists to create public, site engaged, contemporary work centred around place.


Art Walk Porty 2017 We're now taking applications for Art Houses, Art in Shops and the Maker's Market. Please apply here. Deadline for proposals Sunday 14th May, 5pm.

Full details about the site specific programme 'EdgeLands' will be announced by 1st May.


Coming soon... We're about to start our Art Walk project in Lenzie, opening 6th May, working with Sustrans and artists Jacqueline Donachie, Deirdre Macleod, Nathalie Holbrook, City of Play and Rosy Naylor - please view page for more info.


P-arty 'art conversations'Come along to our 'art conversation' style sessions we are running at the Dalriada, over the next 3 months, starting Tues 25th Apri, 8pm. First one is on Art Houses.
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The Art Walk Porty event builds on Portobello's diverse creative community and its unique coastline with site specific art, artist open studios, popup art in local shops and venues, and a maker's market, arranged around a local walk of Portobello. We showcase quality contemporary art, supporting emergent artists as well as having an invited artists programme, and working with local shops and venues, and other public sites. The event engages the local community and wider audiences to a rich and diverse programme.


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